Autopilot Affiliate Marketing 2018 – by Tyler Pratt

Chapter 01: Niche and Network Selection

1. Niche Selection.

Let’s talk about Nice selection, let’s election give me one or more support that you do with affiliate marketing. There are so many niches for you to choose, but I highly recommend you choose one of three types of niches, they are: fitness, dating, and money.

People love to looking for a lover, or they want to keep fit, and they love to earn money, so you can see 3 parts of niches for you to choose. As you know Eveybody always care about healthy, you can choose a niche such as yoga, scrossfit, fitness, nutritional products,…You can choose the dating niche because there are a lot of people who feel single and they can pay a lot of money to find a right lover, maybe women looking for men, women looking for women,..etc,… and money is always the important thing, you can find the niche like affiliate marketing, or online marketing, there are so many ways to make money online, you can focus on a subject and do it right now. Let walk through the next part to choose Professional Affliate Network for you to make money online.

2. Network Selection.

Now, after you pick you niche, I will instruct you 3 Ninjas that I told you to pick. You find the offer and you find the network that runs at offer. So, it’s two things you have to offer which is the link that you are promoting, if you have a fitness group, you want to promote the offer to this group, now you must find an offer you can go to Offervault, this is the best place for you to find a best offer to promote.

You can see the record offer with “Sponsored Listing” these are actually paid listing in here. You can search by Network, Catergory, Approved Traffic, Countries, Payout,…etc you can find as you like, it’s up to you, you can try to search it and you will know more about all options.

You can see some type of offer that I will explain it for you right now.

  1. CPA (Cost per Action): CPA which is usally going to be cost for action on these are going to be pay when someone fill a form, join an event, download an application,…after they click the banner with the affliate link of yours.
  2. CPS (Cost per Sale): that is the way to make money when someone who click on your link and buy this product, you can have commission when they purchase it.
  3. CPL (Cost per lead): that is the way to make money when someone who click on your link and do one action like put the travel tour, put the plance ticket,…etc; when someone put the travel tour after they pay money you can have commission.

You can choose offer from some famous network like: G4offers, Peerfly, Adcombo,…

The Top of affiliate networks are in the top of this listing.

When I click on one of the network, you can Join network and then fill your information for registering.

Then you fill your information. Remember you must fill your real information for security and authority.

If you have a website or email list, you can fill information in the form.

Done. That’s so easy. It’s very important that you need to contact the Admin of this network, and let him know your application, maybe you will be approved more faster than normal.

You can contact to Dennis: “Hey, Dennis. I’ve joined your Affiliate Network, please help me to approve for working”. You can be more advantages than others to make money with them.

I recommend you sign up 10 networks. You can sign up: G4offers, Maxbounty,…These are very famous and payout quickly. You can believe it. Maybe you just be appoved by 4 or 5 networks, but that’s ok, you can start with it right now.

You can sign up with the same process.

Continue. I want to introduce you Clickbank and Jvzoo. These are a best places to make money online. Jvzoo can disposite right into your paypal account when you make money with the offers. Clickbank maybe send money to you in 2 weeks, and Maxbounty will payout in 30 days. With Jvzoo, maybe in the first time your money will be kept within 15 days until you establish, after that you will be deposite instantly. Some sales you will have the commission up to 80%. That’s great.

Summarize: First, you come to Offervault, then you find offers with your niche, then you find offers of particular network, maybe G4Offers, then you Sign up to G4offers, then you find all offers with G4offers and promote it. That’s all.

3.  Facebook Page Examples.

We need models I’m going to go through Facebook and how to use Facebook groups, how to use Facebook pages had to use these to promote your affiliate links, and how you go to build them and how you get traffic and all I could stop

The first, I’m going to show you three quick examples of what works and what doesn’t work, how we were going to change that. So let’s look at the first example here: fitness tips Facebook Page.

This is the big Fanpage, there are over 200.000 people that like this page that means there’s a lot of people that come to this page and see what’s going on daily. You can see that every day they’re just coming here and they’re posting pictures of tips. I’ll give you some  motivation. There are just posting pictures of Wright’s memories track some some women but this is probably going to track more men, then I women on this page, and then so most of it is just pictures of.

We have individuals and so People are going to get a lot of information from here they’re going to see that pictures, so this is going to be a good example of Giving value on pages first. They’re not really promoting any offers here but what they have here is.

This page really. I’m not sure that they’re really run by marketers cuz I think they’re lacking some things that they should be collected emails here so hey could follow up with people but when I go to their website, but they’re like over here, there’s just there’s not much to it here there’s this articles. My guess is that they’re using this is my only Siri on this on this one or this is going to be brilliant is that they’re just using this Page right here too,

They drop a pixel with Facebook ads, that I would say they’re going to be, some people come to the page and they are going to drop a pixel Facebook ads and then run ads to people that come to this page.

There’s nothing here that shows that they’re actually promoting an affiliate offer, so it’s one way of doing it and I’ll go into that when I talk about Facebook ads. I think it should be a mixture of both you should be. If you have a page this big 262,000 you should be promoting actually offers to this page, so if you post 45 pictures every day you can post one product promotion for a a particularly the offer that you have.

Okay so let’s look at the next one this is dating daily, so this is going to be a daily inspiration Information. You can see the picture of dating site.

You know They’re different articles I guess they have are here just a lot information by dating. This is going to help people that are interested in looking for companionship, So what they have here though if you look over here on the on the right side is they have this about page, Case was about page over here Have a link right here to this site right here.

okay so, The 10 the top 10 best dating sites, So when you go to this page right here, So when somebody comes this page it’s congruent with The Dayton Daily – Top 10 best dating site Now this person comes here There was somebody comes here going to click on these links are going to be a affiliate, So when somebody comes page from the fan page they go to the top 10 best dating site,

Zoosk is going to pay the person that owns that website because it’s going to be their affiliate link. That’s how they’re going to be making affiliate commissions from there Fan page okay so there’s going to use There’s just some people here too Top 10 sites are great or anything I got Fitness you got top 10 Fitness Eye exercises. You can do top 10 supplements, bunch of things you can do. You can drop these down you can create a page like this, have reviews on it and then The Winx go to your flight offers. This is a relative dating this dating dating site is a great one because it shows what they’re doing their given tons of value to your page. Just dropping a liquor here, they could be drop it in, you know like right here at the reviews of the best 10 dating site. They’re actually what they’re doing is there. They’re giving kind of reviews. Coming here this is more of a mobile type they’re trying to get mobile here so what they’re doing with this right here is going to be an ad. I’m going to take it, this is actually an ad they’re running. This is really good are using Facebook ads with their page. Good solution.

Now let’s look at the third one this is going to be healthkit or healthkart. You also invite more people and buy your offers with your Fanpage.

Summarize: You need to build Fanpage, give some value for audiences, and then. Having your link to a page. You can send somebody to, I should be opt-in form. Did you collect an email and you can follow up with people but if you want to send straight to a flight offers you can. I don’t recommend that but Going straight to your Open Forum going to be the most ideal place because it allows you to collect an email. And you can follow up with that. That are users

A video we’re going to go into how to set up one of these Pages for yourself , how to get up and running quickly, and then I’mma give you a few tips on how to get maybe some some images going, they’ll help you ask a standout right here okay so there we go let’s move on to the next part.

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