Earn Bitcoins from BitMedia

BitMedia is an advertising network that also allow publisher to earn money from the adverts.
publishers can display both text and banner ads, and has a minimum withdrawal amount of 0.01 BTC. The network can be seen as bitcoin’s version of Google AdSense, as it uses the effective PPC model and offers very high rates, as long as your website passes its strict approval criteria and has high-quality traffic.

How to get started as a publisher

1. Create account on BitMedia.IO:

Once you have got an account open with Bitmedia, a mail will be sent to you,
Should you failed to receive a letter, check the correctness of the email address you have specified.
Bitmedia also advise that you used trusted email services like Gmail

2. Fill in the publisher request form: Do not forget to read all the information on the page and to follow all advices before submitting your web site. If you have some questions, contact BitMedia.IO

3. Wait for your request to be approved: The audience of your web site must comply with our standards and hence the approval of web sites is a very important and serious process in BitMedia.IO.

4. After being approved you can: 
Create ad blocks and place html banner code on your web site.
Add your other websites to publish ads on them. Please note that they also need to pass a procedure of approval

Income for clicks is charged to your main balance after they have been kept on pending balance for 7 days. BitMedia.IO keeps your funds on the pending balance for 7 days because during this period quality of traffic and clicks are analyzed. When money is charged to your account you are free to withdraw them at any moment. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 0,01 BTC

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