Earn money from upload videos on TopBuzz

How It Works? What Is TopBuzz

TopBuzz is a free, open platform for people to read, create and share content. Empowered by our pioneering recommendation algorithms, TopBuzz helps creators distribute content to highly targeted audiences and helps all users to find the content that will interest them most.

Calculation of Earnings
Your earnings on TopBuzz will be calculated based on clicks received.

Please note:
Many factors may affect your videos’ revenue on TopBuzz, including but not limited to the type and quality of your content. It’s normal to experience earnings fluctuation, and you may check your detailed statistics under “Analytics” on your Creators Studio page.

Payment Settings

Set Country and Currency

In order to receive earnings, you need to set up billing country and currency in the setting page under “Earnings”–>”Earnings Setting”.
Please note:
Once your country and currency are set, they cannot be changed.

Set Payment Method

We currently support payments through PayPal and Bank Transfers. You may set your preferred payment method under “Earning Settings”. To avoid unnecessary trouble when receiving your payments, please make sure your payment information is correct and matches your financial institution.

Taxation and Service Fee

Your earnings may be subjected to taxes based on your country setting;
Service fees may be incurred based on your payment gateway.

Difference Between PayPal and Bank Transfer

We support PayPal and Bank Transfer.
If you use PayPal, you need to link your PayPal account and submit;
The bank payment method requires more information including account type, swift code, ABA number etc. If you choose “Company” as your account type, you need to send your company’s invoice to payment@topbuzz.com. Failing to do so will affect your withdrawal. Please note that any typing error will lead to payment failure. We highly recommend you use PayPal as your payment method.

Ongoing Earnings Withdrawal

Once your total earnings reach $100, you may withdraw your earnings by clicking the “Withdraw” button under the “Withdraw Earnings” column. Withdrawal requests may only be made between the 2nd and 4th (GMT/UTC) of each month.
PayPal payment should be processed within 7 days following withdrawal request. Bank Transfer will be processed by the end of the month depending on your bank’s transfer policies. We suggest PayPal for quickest processing time.

Withdrawal Success/Failure

After submission of your withdrawal request, you can check your payment status (success/failure) under the “Earnings”–>”Withdraw Earnings” tab. If your payment has failed because of incorrect payment information, then firstly go to “Earnings–>Setting” page and revise your payment information to a correct one, whether PayPal or Bank. Then go back to “Withdraw Earnings” tab and click “Detail and Re-submit” button in the list. Our team will re-arrange the payment as soon as possible. Please check this official post to get a step by step guidance: Self-Resubmit the Request for Failed Payment Function.


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