Earn money from upload videos with Vigo

Vigo Video – Earn Flames and get cash for making videos!
Vigo Video can give you Flames for your great videos. Flames can be turned to cash that goes right into your pocket. Watch videos near you and give Flames to ones you enjoy

Vigo Video – Be a part of a community of stars!
Browse through a video feed specially curated to your interests. Follow and interact with other influencers and video makers. Share videos you love in an awesome community with direct and group messages

Let start post videos and make money!

Link: https://www.hypstar.com/hotsoon/in_app/share_invite/?user_id=6549709137080401921

Withdrawal requirements:

You must provide your bank information to make withdrawals from Vigo. Please confirm that the bank card account information you provided is accurate and updated. You shall bear all losses that arise as a result of any errors in the bank card information provided by you.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $1. You can only withdraw from your account with a balance greater than $1. Each user has a withdrawal limit of $200 per day.

The withdrawal will be settled at yesterday’s exchange rate in Indonesian rupiah.

By withdrawing, you are agreeing to their Service agreement.

Is there a handling fee for withdrawal?

There are no administrative charges for Vigo bank card withdrawals

When will I get the money after withdrawal?

Vigo will generally review and process withdrawal requests within 15 days of receiving them. Vigo will process your withdrawal as quickly as possible, but they are unable to guarantee that your withdrawal will be credited within a specified time period.

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