Earn money without investment with Faucethub


What is faucethub? FaucetHub is a micropayment system that allows you to save your collected coins from different faucets or websites. You can collect as much coins as you can, and once you reach the minimal payout threshold you will be able to sent those coins directly into your wallet. It also offers different ways to earn bitcoins and other digital currencies. You can choose from the offerwalls on which way you wanted to earn. It can be by viewing ads, by doing microtask or by mining/claiming through available faucets.

In order to start earning you will need your own faucethub account. You will not have to worry because registration is for free.

Step 1:

You need create a wallet address for bitcoin, litecoin,… You can sign up at https://coins.ph,  https://blockchain.info/vi/wallet/#/signup wallet address for bitcoin and the address from my coinomi application for litecoins, blackcoins, dashcoins, etc.

Step 2: Register https://goo.gl/9uRZkH

  • Use your bitcoin wallet address and your emaill address to sign up account at faucethub https://goo.gl/9uRZkH (check email to your account activation)
  • Check result https://faucethub.io/check/[your bitcoin (or litecoin, dogecoin, etc) wallet address]

E.g: https://faucethub.io/check/18c226ntBnDZ3G3hHPav4XeCQWxan44Z2o

Step 3: Mining and Earnings

  • You can now start mining and earning from offer walls and faucets.

+ On your account dashboard, click Free Bitcoin or click Faucets.

+ https://earningsonline.net/faucetlib

  • Input your bitcoin wallet address and start claim
  • Check your balance https://faucethub.io/check/[your bitcoin (or litecoin, dogecoin, etc) wallet address]

Note: you can use Addon Ads block https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fair-adblocker/lgblnfidahcdcjddiepkckcfdhpknnjh?hl=en-US

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