In this simple guide I will show you how you can use Instagram to get free TARGETED TRAFFIC for your clickbank product. Only actionable strategies here. So take action.

First thing to know is that Instagram posts have much more engagement than Facebook’s. People are more engaging with content, more liking etc. If you advertised on Facebook you may have noticed that there are many posts that have 0 engagement not even one like (yeah even the guys or gals who posted them didn’t like them much too I think).

So let’s keep this simple and dive into the strategy.

Choose a niche

I assume that you already have a clickbank account, if not create one here.

This one is obvious. Choose something you’re comfortable with. If you have a passion it’s better but you can choose any niche you want.

If you’re in this internet marketing thing even for a little time, you may have heard the expression “give value“. But as someone who has just started what value can you bring? You obviously know nothing or too little to have something to bring on the table.

Don’t be desperate! I will show you how to find content you can legally share easily on the internet.
Ever heard about PLR or Private Label Rights? These will be your gold mine. There are free ones and there are paid ones but which are generally cheap.

What the heck is a PLR?

Simple, someone created an information product just like this one. He simply transferred through a sale or a giveaway all the rights he have on his product to someone else who can do whatever he wants with it. Resell it, put his name on it, modify it etc.

Just search on Google your niche + PLR… you will find thousands of them

Cool right? It means. No excuse anymore.

My advices are using them as base for your content or tweak them so they are up to date. Some PLR are very old and completely outdated. They can be useful when you create captions for your posts and that will increase your engagement.

You can use this strategy for a facebook business page too. Yeah this guide is about Instagram traffic strategy but many of what I’m going to share here can be applied on Facebook too. Big Bonus…Haha…

You can get 2 free PLR every month here. They always have new PLR every month.

Or you can go here too

NB: If you want to start with the MMO niche you can do this.

Create an Instagram page around

Online marketing x self development or

Online Business x self growth / self help

Manifestation x Make money online (There is an offer on Clickbank that is killing it right now on this topic, take a look at the sales page here)

Create more than one Instagram page around your topic


Yes! Create more than one Instagram page. You may want to build up to 4 or 5 Instagram page with similarly the same content (but don’t do lazy copy/paste), all targeting the same clickbank product. Strangely it seems easier to build traffic this way but it’s your choice. You can focus on only one if you don’t have time.

You can apply this strategy with facebook fan pages or groups. I think groups are more effective and it’s easier to get people join a group than getting them to engage on a FB fan page nowadays unless you have budget for a facebook ad like campaign. But you can do both. And as an admin you just pin your offer at the top of your group. It’s an effective strategy.

What kind of content to post and how much per day

What kind of content

Keep it simple. Post business and self development “quotes” if you choose MMO niche per example. You can find these everywhere on the internet and you can create your own too. Just create your own graphics. It’s pretty simple with CANVA. And it’s a free service.

Post quotes 80% of the time and promotional stuff at 20%. You want to be sure that your audience is not fed up by too much promotional buy this & watch this stuff. You may even do any promotion at all and still get people to your clickbank product.


Use your Bio and put your affiliate link in there, make it interesting enough with a simple call to action like check this, we recommend this… Cloak it with Bitly if you are doing direct linking, clickbank links are too ugly… Haha… Better than Bitly use Linktree as a landing page where you can promote more than one affiliate link. It’s free too.

It will help you track the number of clicks too if you can’t invest in a link tracking software like Clickmagic.

See an example of the strategy below. The first picture shows a Bio with a simple CTA

As you can see, 3 different pages linking to the same website

How much per day should you post

At least 1 time a day. But it’s better if you can post at 3 different times throughout the day.

Example: you can choose what time works best for you

Morning: Your own content

Noon: Your own content (maybe a video, depends on you)

Evening: Repost viral contents from the big name in your niche (posts with lots of like and comments). Why? If it has gone viral once it has chances to go viral again. Just don’t forget to credit the original owner of the post. Or you can post your own content but mimicking posts which go viral in your niche. You can do this for all your posts.

The 100 days #hashtag strategy

You know that one of the most important things on Instagram is #hashtags. You can put up to 30 # per post. So take advantage of it. But my advice is, only put around 12 to 15 # per post.

So what is the 100 days # strategy?

Simple. Don’t copy paste the same # on every post, at least 10/15 of your # must be non repetitive & not too generic like #success, everybody is using it, you won’t stay even for 10 seconds on top of the feed with that kind of #. It means create 30 different #hashtags every day for 100 days nonstop.


After 100 days, 3000 different #hashtags are going to linking back to your content and that will give you more and more exposure and visibility. After that you can reuse them but be sure to rotate, if not you will be flagged as spammy by the Instagram algorithm. Create groups of ready to use #hashtags to make things easier.

Do this when you create #

– Target 10 of small # in your niche : 0 to 100K followers

– Target 10 of medium # in your niche : 100K to 800K followers

– Target 10 of big # in your niche: Above 1M followers

Your goal is to expand your reach day after day and build a following. When you start to reach 2000 to 3000 followers things will be a lot easier organically. But even before that you can already make clickbank sales already. There are guys that make sales with 2500 followers only.

There are tools like that will help you greatly to find #hashtags.


Follow unfollow?

When you’re starting it’s a good strategy even if many people don’t like it. But do it until you get max 3000 followers and then stop. I won’t dive much into this strategy. Here is a video you can watch called The Lightning Method
NB: Don’t use the Lightning Method more than 2-3 times a day.

One little but important tip: Optimize the name of your page for search engine

Please don’t use your name unless you really want to brand yourself. The choice is yours. Let’s say you choose the Manifestation x make money niche. You can use manifestationmoneyfast per example as name for your page. So when people search for manifestation you have good chances to appear in the search results VS your name that no one knows. No one will search for your name unless you’re a celebrity. Keep that in mind.

Engage with your audience

It’s important that you engage with your audience in the first hour after posting your content. It will help it stay on top of the news feed much longer and a way to show your followers that you’re a real person. They will begin to know you, like you and trust you. Kaching!

Direct linking or landing/squeeze page

For a long term strategy it’s better to use a landing page where you collect email addresses. You’ve heard it again and again, “the money is in the list”. And it’s your own source of traffic, not depending on Google, Fb, Insta or any other platform. The best part is that you can build all of that for free when you start. You can use Weebly and Sendinblue both giving free options. You will pay only when your list begins to grow because for the free option you’re limited to 300 emails per day lifetime, meaning until 300 subscribers.

But if you just want sales to build confidence, you can start by direct linking. But use a simple landing page in that case. Remember that Facebook own Instagram and FB don’t like clickbank links. Create simple landing pages like this one using Weebly. It’s free.

Click here to start building a free landing page with Weebly

Go here to create a free Sendinblue account

PS: Little trick for your email marketing

I’m sure you already thought about this. This guy is talking about email marketing, but I don’t even know how to write an email, even less an email follow-up. Don’t stress! Here is my little trick, only promote product that have a JV, affiliate pages.

Why? They always have some email swipes at least enough for 7 days follow-up, but personalize them a bit; you’re not the only one using them.

Let’s say you want to create an 80 days email follow-up, just promote 8 products (in the same niche obviously). One product per 7 or 10 days, and you’ll have more chances to make more sales that way.


The goal of all these strategies is to build your following on Instagram and for people to know you, like you and trust you. Ultimately they will buy from you. It’s what many successful affiliate marketers are doing with email marketing. But here the relationship is established even before they join your subscribers’ list, so it’s a bonus. The strategy is simple, it will take time, but it can be a long term source of traffic for your offers. Combine it with email marketing and I’m sure of this, you will crush it online.


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