List Coin Free Feb 2018

1/ #CEX Get more 30 CEX tokens FREE
– Visit
– Join telegram and input your telegram
– Folow Twiter and input your twitter
– Input your MEW address, done and get 30 CEX instant
Get an additional 10 CEX for every person you refer
My proof:

2/ #IOX Refer people to the site and get 50 IOX per signup

3/ #SYN get 100 SYN tokens free
You get 100 SYN Tokens for referring someone to sign up
You will receive 5% on all purchases they make

4/ #OBR get 50 OBR tokens free and get 50% of total register bonus token by referral users.

5/ #BMX get 20 BMX Tokens free after sign up

6/ #CRNC get more 10 Tokens Free

7/ #Friendz get up to 3000 Tokens Free

8/ #OJU get 2.29 FREE coins worth 3.8472 USD

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