Tamodo Reward – Get Rewarded For Each New Referral

Tamodo Reward is a campaign that offers you  $ 0.25 for every new member referral in your 7 levels group system.

On the occasion of launching the Beta platform, Tamodo officially announces an attractive Reward Campaign about introducing new members to register for an account and become an Affiliate at Tamodo with the name “Tamodo Reward”. Tamodo will give you $0.25 for every new member referral in your 7 levels group system. (Registration of Affiliate at Tamodo is completely free).


The campaign starts at 12:00 AM (UCT+0) on 14.01.2020 and lasts for 6 months until 12:00 AM (UCT+0) on 14.07.2020.

How does Tamodo Reward work?

For each new successful registration account at Tamodo that is referred through your referral link, you will get $ 0.25 free and inherit up to 7 levels for group refer. This campaign is limited for maximum 500,000 members.  Tamodo will be based on evaluation criteria such as: IP user, open mail, login to the dashboard system, log back in the system, share links, share campaigns, update contact information, introduce people. use new … to assess whether this member is real or not. The approval of this member is within 30 days, members who work actively will be approved for the account more easily and quickly.

To join the campaign you only need to perform the following 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Sign up for a free Affiliate account at Tamodo. (Register here)
  • Step 2: Log into Tamodo’s Dashboard system and get the referral link
  • Step 3: Use the referral link to introduce new members to register for an account at Tamodo.

Referrer Rules

– Anyone can join a referral and receive a reward of $0.25 for each new successful registration and inherit up to 7 levels for group refer.

– Tamodo only pays reward for registrations from real accounts. The system will censor new account registration via referral link for 30 days to confirm there is no fraud.

– Tamodo will stop paying bonuses in case of detecting errors during the Introduction of Tamodo or taking advantage of Tamodo’s incentives for personal gain.

Regulations of New-user who are referred

– Must use real information to register an Affiliate account at Tamodo.

– The account will be censored in 30 days to check that there is no fraud here.

Hope you will enjoy the exciting Reward Campaign of Tamodo!


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